Chef Franca
& Chef Consuelo

Franca and Consuelo embody the soul of La Colubrina. Vegan chefs by choice, they welcome their guests in a restaurant with a familiar and genuine taste.


Our specialties

“Mezze maniche cacio e pepe”

Mezze maniche pasta of wholemeal spelt, cashew nuts, coconut, salt, pepper, garlic, extra virgin olive oil

“Degustazione di formaggi vegani”

Vegan cheeses: mix seeds, nuts, squash blossoms, olive, extra virgin olive oil, plum, ginger, limone, coconut oil, spice and herbs

“Pepite di lenticchie beluga su crema di yuca e venature d’oro”

Organic beluga lentils, Tropea red spring onion, herbs, yuca, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, gold leaf

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Our philosophy

La Colubrina is the right place for those who want to eat out, in a cosy and relaxing environment. The menu is designed for food lovers who have embraced a vegan philosophy, without sacrificing taste and flavour!

Tuesday - Sunday
8:00 / 15:00 & 19:30 / 23:30

Monday closed

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